Zettai Kareshi

English Title: Absolute Boyfriend

Roomaji Title: Zettai Kareshi

Nihongo Title: 絶対彼氏 完全無欠の恋人ロボット




I have watched this series before, probably I was about 15 or 16 that time, that was roughly 8  or 9 years ago. I watched it because of the Manga and anime. Re-watching it again right now, I’ve noticed a few things.

  1. Night is really defective. LOL. He doesn’t follow the programming delegated to him plus he doesn’t follow Riko’s order.
  2. I find it funny when Night blinks, you know, to emphasize that he’s blinking.
  3. It makes me cringe every time he flexes his body and asks if he looks sexy. And not to mention the “sweat” he sprays. I find it funny.
  4. He eats and drinks even if it isn’t necessary.


It also raised a few questions.

  1. Why would you agree to pay for a loan for 70 years for appliances?
  2. Is it suffocating to have someone love you because he was programmed, in real life, forced to love you? EX: love potion or hypnotism
  3. Is it exciting to have somebody cheering you and showing you how great you are, every now and then?
  4. Is it really possible for “stuff” with artificial intelligence to eventually get emotion and free will? It’s been a topic of multiple movies like A.I. and I, Robot.


At the end of the day I am happy, thankful even, that I watched Zettai Kareshi again. It reminded me of a few things I’ve almost forgotten.

Everybody deserves to be loved unconditionally. It doesn’t matter how “ugly” you look while sleeping with your mouth open, or if you snore loudly, or if you’re moody, clumsy, clingy, fat, thin, or even if you have an ugly scar, or even if you had a child while you’e unwed — always remember that somewhere out there your very own Night Tenjo is waiting just for you.

Everybody wants, no — needs, to be loved unconditionally, the same way Night loved Riko. There will be somebody out there who will be willing to love you flaws and all. Believe that there is someone somewhere in this world who was made just for you, who will be happy just seeing you happy, who will cry with you, who will hug you even if you’re mad at him/her, who will love you just how you deserve to be loved.


It was rated 7.7/10 by IMDb, see it here.


And you can watch it from here.




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