Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

 Roomaji Title: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
English Title: Just One Love ; Love of my Life
Nihongo: たったひとつの恋


The lead here is Kamenashi Kazuya and Ayase Haruka.


It’s a typical rich girl meets poor boy, it’s not something I, we, haven’t seen yet. What makes it different is that their story started with a lie, it was found out right away though. I can say that it was written and executed beautifully so you do not give too much attention to its flaws. It has cliches, lots of them if I may say, but I still enjoyed it. To begin with Hiroto cannot really be considered poor as he basically owns a company, it’s just that it doesn’t earn well plus he takes care of his brother who’s sickly.

One thing though, I am just a bit worried about Nao’s character. She seemed childish, to a fault. Forgetting things here and there, could it be because of his sickness before?

In this series I’m had a second lead syndrome. I actually like Yuko (Toda Erika) the best friend who’s not rich and Ayuta (Hiraota Yuta) the guy who works as a cafe staff and studies automotive repair. Until I found out Yuko’s real “character”. LOL at me for liking her right away. I still like her no matter. Shoot me.


I’m also glad to see that Nao’s parents are not the usual rich parents. At first I was like “Yeah that is how the typical rich dad is…” when he had Hiroto investigated, but well, he proved to be just a good and protective dad. I find Hiroto’s mom to be more of a character I don’t like. How did she even incur such huge debts?


It was a good story, I really though that this will have an unhappy ending because of the narration. Was it a happy ending though? You better watch it to find out. 🙂


You can see the IMDb rating here, it was rated 7.2/10.


You can watch it from here.




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