My son is sick. T_T

This is probably one of the things I never wanted to have experienced. Seeing my son hurting as they try to put the needle for the dextrose or as they try to extract blood from him, is one of the most painful experience I guess.




They diagnosed his condition, or sickness, as gastroenteritis, probably due to bad or contaminated water. He’s been vomiting a lot and has very loose vowel movements. His poop is very watery. I decided to have him admitted as he’s vomited more than 10 times in less than 24 hours.


He is still at the hospital, Our Lade of the Pillar Hospital, as of this writing, though he doesn’t vomit anymore. He kept on asking if he can go home already. He’s probably super bored as he cannot run around or watch his favorite cartoons on TV. He’s been saying “uwi na” (let’s go home) since we got to the ER bed.


I hope this never happen again, it really pains me to see him like this.






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