​Black Butler Kuro Shitsuji

Roomaji Title: Kuroshitsuji

English Title: Black Butler

Nihongo: 黒執事


I have not seen the anime or the manga yet. So I had to ask somebody to give me a quick introduction of who Sebastian is, what he is or if he’s really a butler.

Image from MyDramaList.com

So I found out that he is a demon who bargains with the descendants of the Genpo clan so they’d sell their soul to him in exchange of his “service” and “loyalty”. In this movie Shiori made a deal with Sebastian to avenge her parents’ death. She decided to be the missing son ‘Kiyoharu’ and run the whole empire with Sebastian as his “butler”.

I am ok with Mizushima Hiro playing as Sebastian. He actually did a great job portraying Sebastian and his action scenes were flawless, for me. His cool, collected and calm act was great.  I also liked Rin’s character, the clumsy yet bad ass maid. I liked Earl Kiyoharu’s character but eventually I felt like it was lacking something. Is it the actress? I’m not sure as I have not seen her works, if I am not mistaken, before. Maybe she

I would like to give a special citation (LOL) to their costumes. I LOVE THEM. Very Victorian, if that’s the right term, I’m not really good with fashion but I love seeing the fancy dresses and attires.  The whole setup, backdrop and props of the story is quite nice, actually.


Would I suggest to watch this? Yes! Definitely. If you’ve been a fan of the anime and/or manga, I suggest you lower your expectations, so you won’t get disappointed if it’s not as best as the anime/mange. You know, people can only do so much. 🙂


Rated 6.3/10 by IMDb, see it here.

I really think it’s rating is due to the fact that most believed that “Ciel” was turned into a girl.


Watch it here.


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