English Title: Love and Honor

Nihongo title: 武士の一分(いちぶん)

Roomaji: Bushi No Ichibun

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Takuya Kimura’s role in Love and Honor is a lot different than all the other characters he has portrayed in the past. Even with Oda Nobunaga, being a historical drama is the only comparison they have. 
As usual, he did a very great job giving life to this role. This, probably, is the most challenging role for him. A blind samurai. I also want to commend Kayo played by Dan Rei, the wife, she acted very well. Well, every actor did a great job.
Here they showed a certain aspect of life during the Samurai Era that had shaped their nation. There are some traditions I really appreciate and some that I hope is not being performed anymore. Harakiri, is one of those traditions that I hope they do not practice anymore, I feel that it is very unnecessary. Taking ones life as payment for a wrong doing, I think is too much, unless you took someone else’s life I suppose.


Before I always picture Samurais assassinating enemies, going behind enemy line to perform their duty and such. Finding out that a Lord’s food taster is such a great honor for them. Such “occupation” places Samurai in danger without the opportunity to protect themselves, like those who are in a fight/war, just to make sure the Lords are safe. It’s a bit frightening for me. Are samurais really that disposable?
It was rated 7.8/10 bu IMDB, see it here. Not bad for a period movie.


I recommend to watch it, not only because of Kimura, but because it shows the struggles of regular Samurai during their Era.


Watch it here.




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