Shinobi – Heart Under Blade

Other title: Kouga Ninpouchou Basilisk – The Live-Action
I decided to watch this as it was recommended by a male colleague. As always, I did not have a high expectation, but he was very sure I would like the movie as he did.
This movie stars Nakama Yukie of Gokusen as Oboro and Odagiri Joe as Gennosuke, I don’t believe I have seen any of his works before.
Acting here was great, all the cast did well and the fight scenes were awesome (though honestly I hoped for more). It’s close to those Chinese movies were they have great fight scenes, of course this is not some kungfu flying kind, so expect that there’s less flying and less martial arts. If you like Anime, this movie is comparable to Naruto with their ‘abilities’ and Ninjas (and it’s Japan. LOL.) I will point out a few comparison, with images, later on.
If there is something I do not like here is that I felt that it was rushed. I mean this is a 1 hour and 50 minutes less movie but it felt lacking. I would have preferred if they made it a 2 hour movie and showed more of the love story between Oboro and Gennosuke. The story did not even bother showing or at least slightly explained how they fell in love being from two different clans, and their clans are even enemies to begin with.
I would also like to point out that I LOVE their costumes. I can’t even begin to explain why, I just do. I especially liked Yashamaru and Kagore’s costume.
So I mentioned I’ll be noting down a few comparison with Naruto, right? Images here are screenshots while I was watching the movie.

  1. Yashamaru and Orochimaru

  1. Byakugan (and/or Uchiha eyes and/or Sharinggan) and Oboro’s Peircing Eye / And Gennosuke’s eyes when he uses his ability to slow down time

  1. Gennouske’s Grandpa looks like Jiraiya (he isn’t a perv though)

It was rated 7.0/10 by IMDb, see it here.
You can watch it here. I definitely recommend this movie. It was worth watching.


If Shinobi’s still exists during this Era, it’s gonna be cool and scary at the same time. Can I be one or meet one please?



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