Karei naru Ichizoku

Roomaji:  Karei naru Ichizoku

English Title: The Great Family



Let me start with saying that I love the settings, era or timeline where this series took place. It was nice to experience how it was back then when technology was just getting recognized and discovered.

This series stars, my love, Kimura Takuya. I consider this a period series but is far from the movies and specials he starred like Oda Nobunaga and Love and Honor, obviously because those two were during the samurai era. As always he played Manpyo Teppei very well. He was able to portray his struggles as if he really lived his life (though technically he did).

The Manpyou clan is really a complicated family. Having to see your father mess with another woman besides your mother must be heartbreaking but to their family it’s like normal. Though it is something Teppei abhor, you can see it through his actions, he cannot do anything about it. And what the heck? Two extra beds aside from the main bed for two women inside the master’s suite?! I cannot take it. How can Yusako take such kind of arrangement? Aside from it being so degrading, how can she even accept such kind of man on her bed when he feels like it? It’s humiliating. Plus, was Yusako raped by Teppei’s grandfather? She seemed overly disturbed when she saw Teppei sitting on that chair looking exactly like his grandfather. Is Teppei not a son of Daisuke? That is the question you’d want to have answers, and you’ll get it as the story progress.

I do not understand why Kimura’s character have to die. (Well I understand, but you see I am biased like that.) This is the third time already and my hear is breaking. I was crying my eyes out because of the last two episodes. Kimura is such a great actor and the actor who played his Father Daisuke was very good as well.

And I just have to mention, the OST. The OST was great. It’s just on point. Desperado, I think, suits the series quite well. A son who is desperately longing for his father’s affection and having his dreams come true. I was also happy to hear Sakuyaki on the final episode.


Rated 8.1/10 by IMDb, here. It was rated quite high, if I may say.


And you can watch it here. YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. 




PS: I have not finished this yet, I have to re-download it as my friggin’ phone deleted all my copy T_T


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