Weird Japanese Movies

So, I recently saw two three weird Japanese movies. Weird as in movies with an Air Doll (sex doll) turning into human, a girl with a very unusual tell signs and something about doppelgangers having their own “identity”.


Air Doll

The first one was entitled “Air Doll”. It was a story of a Japanese Sex Doll who suddenly had a “life”. She still is pretty much a sex doll, she still can be inflated and deflated, and her body part/s can still be removed. The weirdest part for me in this movie is that everybody seemed to just accepted that she was suddenly alive. If I encountered somebody like her I would be scared as hell. But in this story, they were surprised for a tad bit of time and then it’s like it’s not that unusual anymore.

This maybe a weird movie but I cried a lot for ‘her’. How she wanted to life her own life and how she wanted to just be loved and be useful to the person she chooses to be with.

Air Doll was rated 6.9/10 via IMDb, view it here.

And you can watch it here, if you’d like to.



So Arcana was a story about doppelgangers called “Alter Ego” who were created out of the original person’s body when they encountered death or near death experiences via accidents or suicide. These Alter Egos eventually decided to live their own lives and hunted down their ‘main bodies’ so they won’t disappear. They are the complete opposite of the main body. If you do not find this weird, then how about the police force having a Spiritual Affairs department who has different kinds of equipment/devices to help ward off ghost or help-the-ghost-cross-to-the-other-side kind of stuff.

It was rated quite low on IMDb, see it here.

And if you want to watch it, here’s the link.


Close Range Love

Lastly, Close Range Love. I really do not want it to fall under the weird category but since Kururugi Yuni’s demeanor was not properly explained, I will mark it on my book as a weird movie. If they have explained why Yuni shows no expression or at least tries to hide them I would not have tag it as such.

This is really just about a forbidden love between a Sensei (teacher) and his student. Nothing too shabby or different, but it was a good movie to spend your days after you’ve finished all your Jdrama series/movie on your list.

Rated 6.4/10 by IMDb, see it here.

If you’ve nothing else to watch, here’s the link.


There you have it folks.






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