Kimi ni Todoke

Roomaji Title: Kimi ni Todoke English Title: From Me To You Native Title: 君に届け   This movies stars Miura Haruma and Tabe Mikako as Haruto and Sawako. Sawako is a girl also dubbed as Sadako because of her silent personality and she was once seen, when they were still young, acting just like Sadako (from The Ring). People from school has been avoiding her and she has no friends. I love that it showed love among friends and I love how they showed Sawako’s character development. It started with her being alone to having a few friends and even having a boyfriend who’s very patient … Continue reading Kimi ni Todoke

Leading Man of my Dream

To the leading man of the dreams. Hi. Yeah, damn you! Why do you always visit my dream? What is it with you? Why do you always remind me of your existence? It’s just freaking heavy. Seeing your smile directed towards me, feeling your arms around me, you kissing my cheeks, you calling me your girl and you looking at me with those chinky eyes of yours is just too much. Too much for me to handle. It makes my heart ache for something I told myself I’ve already gotten over with a long time ago. Why is it that … Continue reading Leading Man of my Dream

The Black Devil and the White Prince

Native title:  黒崎くんの言いなりになんてならない Also Known as:  I’m Not Just Going to Do What Kurosaki-kun Says; I Won’t Do What Kurosaki-kun Tells Me To Do; Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai; I watched the whole series. 2 episodes then the movie.   It was an ok series/movie. I liked the friendship aspect in both Haruto and Takumi’s case as well as Yuu and Meiko’s, wherein they don’t let relationships ruin the friendship they have built. I think the movie should have been just an episode 3 since I don’t feel it is a movie. It’s just really a continuation of episode 1 and … Continue reading The Black Devil and the White Prince

Lupin III (2014)

Native Title: ルパン三世 AKA: Rupan Sansei; Lupin the Third     We’re all probably familiar with the Anime Lupin III, right? Oh come on, don’t tell me you don’t know him? Where were you hiding all these years? Just kidding. But seriously, I loved this anime when I was still a kid. Shun Oguri did a great job portraying Lupin, he even almost looked like him. right? I was also surprised to see Jerry Yan play a role in this movie. I won’t tell what role he played, it is a spoiler. But he played a big role in this movie … Continue reading Lupin III (2014)