The Trouble With Men (Book Review)

Wheew! This is the first time I’m gonna be doing a book review. I’m not at anyway a “real” book reviewer, I just felt like I had to write something about this book I got from a friend. I signed up to be a part of their ARC (Advance Reading Copy) reviewers, so here it goes.

The Trouble With Men is a book anthology containing 5 different stories from 5 Pinay author’s.

You go girls!!


Let’s start with the cover.


It was bright, catchy and good for the eyes, my eyes at least. Plus the concept of it gave me the curiosity to actually read its content.

Since what I got is an e-book copy, there are a few paragraphs, words and/or lines that are typed or formatted incorrectly. It was really a minor thing but I want to have it addressed as well, maybe it can still be corrected for the copies that they will be selling (the book should sell a lot since it is actually good).





The first story was “101 Ways to Cut A Dick”. Yeah, the title is not for the faint of heart. LOL, I actually find it cute, don’t you agree?

This one was written by Mayumi Cruz. I find it ‘bitin’, wanting for more. The story is nice but because it was short I felt like there are some things missing to complete the feels of the story. I have a few questions that if I get the answers to would make me want to consider this story as not ‘bitin’ anymore. Questions like, what wrong signals were Gabe giving out? Does Joyce know about Gabe’s feelings for her best friend and does she know about how Gabe still sees Den as his girlfriend after all those years?

Of course, this is just my option. I bet if this was a full novel I would have all the right feels in all the right places.

I will give this a 7/10. I also will give Gabe a plus point for sticking with his ‘girlfriend’ when she totally forgot about her. Gosh, I am so demanding I wanted to know about all those moments where Gabe became Den’s go-to all around person.

Oh, before I forgot, don’t worry no cutting was actually done. LOL.


The next story is written by Ruth Medina-Ilasco, it was entitled “Arguing With The Boss”. The story is also good. I love how it gave hints here and there about how the story would go but it did not spoil anything. Gosh I wanted to tell you how I am so agreeing with Patrick about his ideas but if I do it will be a major spoiler. So better read it for yourself.  I am really sorry I wanted not to spoil anything but I had to give in. I can’t help it. Patrick was so right, I completely agree with him that Lucas has been eyeing Sarah for the longest time. I just wish Lucas found something else to do or use to get Sarah’s attention, something less stressful perhaps?

Same with the first story I was left wanting for more. I am not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. Well maybe it was good. If they actually write these stories in full I would definitely want to get a copy of it to know if what I had in mind as “missing” would have been completed. Am I making sense here?

This story I will give a 7/10 as well.


The third story is “Perfect Match” written by Cathleen Jimenez. I am giving this story a two thumbs up. If my toes can do the thumbs up I’m going to give this a 4 thumbs up. I am sorry, this time I really can’t help it. I loved how Brian decided to give up his real identity just to be with Cass and their child. I was elated when I found out that Cass accepted Rina for who she really is. I hope everybody gets to have their #perfectmatch no matter what the circumstances are.

I was satisfied with the story even though it was short. Of course I would have wanted it longer but I loved it as it is. This is a fresh idea. I cried happy tears when they got married again. YAY!

Just one question though. Rina is a transwoman but not a transgender right? RE: baby number two.

This for me is a 9/10.


The fourth story is “The Royal Nanny” by Loise Lynne. By the title you’d think it is just another Cinderella story right? But no, it isn’t. I actually call this a non-Cinderella Cinderella story. Weird right? Well it has the make of a Cinderella story but it has its own fire and kick to it. Alyana is rich, categorically, so that already is a non-Cinderella factor but she is working as a nanny. A governess.

As my favorite author once said (non-verbatim of course) “All love stories has been told already. What makes it good or unique is the way it was told.” And this was told differently. I actually enjoyed it. I like female leads with this kind of attitude. Feisty and knows what she wants. Alyana speaking out for Kiera’s well-being in front of the crown prince is just awesome. I especially loved the last scene where Keira was helping her dad ask Alyana out.

I will give this an 8/10. I wanted it to be longer as I wanted to see the queen’s I-already-know-this-will-happen-before-you-even-realized-it reaction when they tell her about them dating. Oh I would have loved that scene.


The last story is “Eureka After a Bottle of Vodka”. It was written by Katie Valdez. The title itself already had me thinking of what the story will be (as if I did not read the summary — it was a part of the introduction).

Oh, goodie. This one has fantasy embedded on it. I love it already. Biased much, Reika?

Let me start by saying I like Brie. She’s annoyingly tactless but I like her. Haha!

I like how this was written, it was light and it made me smile. Sometimes, simplicity is really the key. This was simple and surprisingly straight forward. It was shorted yet I found everything I wanted in it. I am glad that it was still a relate-able story even though it has a bit of fantasy on it. The fantasy side of it was not over powering, it was good enough though to let you play with your imagination.

I love how Gunner has always been there for Lizzie yet he never assumed or pushed her to accept him. He let her take her time.

This is also a 9/10 for me, I would have made it a 10 had I known how “big” he was, i mean how he was feeling for her. Oh, I wouldn’t mind getting an explanation for the title too. hahaha!!


This concludes it.

I hope I can write as well as you do girls!

Do our country proud!


@reikableu 🙂


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