Evergreen Love

English Title: Evergreen Love

Native Title: 植物図鑑 

Romaji: Shokubutsu Zukan: Unmei no Koi, Hiroimashita

AKA: Botanical Books or Illustrated Plant Book


Image from MyDramaList


I gave this movie an 8 / 10. It was actually good. Not full of cliches but there are somethings I really am not OK with, and that’s why it is not a 10.

Let me start with a rant. !!! Who in the right mind would just let somebody you don’t even know the last name stay with you and live with you just because he cooks well?!!

Then the frigging guy just suddenly left her after confessing his love for her? REALLY?! And he was MIA for 1 year. And she just accepted him back right away when he came back, if she gave him a bit of a hard time to gain her forgiveness I would have given this movie a 10.


Two thing I really love about this movie are the scenery when they “hunt” and I got hungry every time they cook. YUMM!!


It was rated 6.6 / 10 by IMDB, a bit low I think. on MDL it was a 7.9/10.

You can watch it here.








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