Blade of the Immortal

English Title: Blade of the Immortal

Native title: 無限の住人

Also Known as: Mugen no Junin; The Inhabitant of Infinity

Image from MyDramaList

This movie was rated 7.1/10 by via IMDb and was rated 8.0/10 via MDL.

Warning: This is the longest Movie review by far that I have written. やった!

This is one, no scratch that, This movie is my most anticipated movie of 2017. I waited, impatiently, to be able to watch it. I wanted to watch it on the big screen but unfortunately it seemed that nobody plans to bring the movie here in the Philippines. So after five months, I came across an online copy of it (sorry Captain Takuya, my love, I really wanted to support your movie legally but I have no means). I was not disappointed. It even exceeded my expectations.

All the cast were great but of course (I am a Takuya Kimura fan through and through) Manji was the best. The fight scenes were fluid. It was bloody, very, but it was executed finely, I never had a look-away-it-is-gross moment. Miike did a great job of directing this, everything was just on point. And Takuya’s voice was so manly, it was just how I imagine Manji would sound when I read the manga version. Takuya Kimura did an excellent job of portraying Manji, it is like he strips off his persona and wears this new person. You wouldn’t even recognize him as his previous characters. As I have read from a report and I quote:

In the case of Mr. Kimura, one of his eyes has makeup that makes it look deformed. So he had to do all of the action scenes with one eye. And honestly, it would have been very possible to use makeup that allowed him to see out of both eyes, but Mr. Kimura said, “OK, well, Manji can’t see in one eye, so I’m going to act with this eye deformed so that I can embody his character better.” So he ended up not using one of his eyes while filming — in fact that was his dominant eye. He also said, “if I’m just acting like I can’t see but I really can see, then I have to do extra acting work to make it look like I’m blind in one eye.” And that’s how he wanted to roll.

Takuya Kimura is very dedicated to any role he decides to take. I am very happy he decided to take this role, Manji. I have read that the team has been hesitant to ask him to take the role as they believe he won’t take it as it will need him dirty and not very good looking. So I am ecstatic. (I sound very biased I know, but I actually am. LOL.)

Rin, was played by Hana Sugisaki, she had a weird facial expression. None the less, she did good as well. I have not seen any of her other works though.

And I can’t believe Sotah Fukushi accepted a villain role, I’m so used to seeing him so cute and lovable. He was good. I don’t know if he had any sort of sword fighting background prior to the film like Captain Takuya, but he also did a great job. I can’t say anything bad.

The over-all execution was really awesome, flawless, for me. The flow of the film from the black and white to the colored one was superb. I am not a big fan of bloody movies but I am glad I watched this. I am also very glad that they stuck to the manga as best as they can.

If there is one this I feel that is lacking, it is the musical scoring. I don’t know if it was as intended but I felt like some scenes would have been more effective with a good background music.

And just to point out, there can be great movies or dramas without a love story in it. ehemkdramasehemkmoviesehem But then again, whatever floats ones boat.

If you want to watch the movie and you are in Japan, go buy the DVD. If you are in the US, UK, NZ and Spain they have it on and will have it on the big screen.

If you are from another country, comment down or pm me, I’ll send you the link where to watch it.

Here’s a few GIFs I made from a few clips of the movie.

Where does his weapons come from?











X Marks the SPOT












Blood Spurts


I have a few questions though.

  1. If the bloodworms can heal why does he still have those scars on his face?
  2. Where does his weapons come from?
  3. How many weapons does he have?
  4. Has he killed near 1000 already? He needs to kill 1000 people tlift the curse, right?
  5. How old is Manji?
  6. Was he married?
  7. And lastly, will he marry me? lol.



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