Peach Girl, Movie (2017)

English Title: Peach Girl

Native title: ピーチガール

Romaji: Pichi Garu

Image from MyDramaList


Rated 6.8 / 10 via IMDb  and is rated 7.5/10 via MDL.

You can watch it here.


Hmn… I am not really sure how I felt about the movie. It was not bad but it was not the best either. I felt a bit lacking with their acting though, specially with Momo-chan. Sae was portrayed beautifully though. And Toji and Kairi are ok.


The story was full of cliches, honestly, but I still somehow enjoyed it though it’s not a movie that I would lose sleep over.


I have not seen the manga or watch the Taiwanese version so I don’t know if they stuck with the original story but I felt that Momo-chan is one heck of a lucky girl. Having two handsome boys at her side, both trying to protect her in their own ways. Where to buy such luck, please? Lol.


Again, as always, I know my thoughts are scattered all over the place but you get what I mean, right?






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