Daytime Shooting Star

English Title: Daytime Shooting Star

Native title: ひるなかの流星

Also Known as: Hirunaka no Ryuusei; Hirunaka no Ryusei;


Image from MyDramaList

Rated 7.6/10 via IMDb and 8.4/10 via MDL.

You can watch it here.



During the first 10 minutes the first question I had was, will this be a student-teacher kind of relationship? And it was, sort-of. The teacher (Miura) was hot, in my opinion. Lol. I like him better though outside of his school attire. I seem to be attracted to Japanese guys with unruly hair, hehe! I remembered that he played the elder brother in Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto


Mei, who also played Sae in Peach Girl, is really not that pretty but she has a great personality that I like. She played Suzume quite well. She is a great actress.

Since it is a part of the story, may I just say that I like how Japanese girls can express their feelings without anybody telling them that “you are a girl and you should wait for the guy to make the first move”. Here in the Philippines that is a big No-no prolly due to our conservative culture. I hope it changes though so people, girls and guys alike, can be honest about how they feel. You know waiting is never fun and sometimes both parties are waiting that’s why nothing is happening. I don’t see anything wrong with girls, women, being the first one to confess how they feel.

Going back, I really had a hard time figuring out who she’ll be ending up with. She ended up with Mamura, btw. I think things would have been different had Suzume known that his uncle spoke with Shishio Sensei about them. I am glad the Sensei was not very hurt about getting rejected, it is his fault anyways. Lol.




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