Code Blue

English Title: Code Blue

Native title: コード・ブルー

Also Known as: Doctor Heli – Emergency Lifesaving


Image from MyDramaList

You can watch them here:

Season 1SpecialSeason 2 and Season 3

Rating as per MDL: 01 – 7.9/10, 02 – 8.2/10, 03 – 8.7/10Special – 8.2/10

Ratings as per IMDb: 7.7/10


Code Blue (Season 1, 2, 3 and Special) is a medical drama starring YamaP or Yamashita Tomohisa. This is a medical / hospital related series but it is quite different from Doctor X as it really is a drama.

I have completed all 3 seasons and the special but until now I am still confused if they started out as Med Students or if they were Interns or actual Doctors just trying to get a position. The “graduation” part of season 2 is what confused me the most. LOL.

The first episode of Season 1 got me hooked. God, the sculpted body of YamaP is something I cannot get over with. LOL. I am partly joking. I really did enjoy the series itself. It was intense and there is never a dull moment, well at least for me.

I love how the characters are all different from each other yet they seem to be a perfect together, like pieces of a puzzle they fit.

Season 3’s a bit different as they have all separated their ways, somehow. It still is good though. It still is intense. Eventually everybody came back.


You gotta watch this drama. IT IS GOOD.



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