From Five to Nine

English Title: 5→9 From Five to Nine

Native title: 5時から9時まで

Also Known as: 5→9: Watashi ni Koi Shita Ikemen Sugiru Obousan; 5-ji kara 9-ji made ~Watashi ni Koi Shita Ikemen Sugiru Obousan~; From Five to Nine; 5時から9時まで ~私に恋したイケメンすぎるお坊さん~

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Yamashita Tomohisa plays as a monk, Takane Hoshikawa who fell in love with an ELS Teacher…

Since the beginning of the drama series you will see how Takane has declared his intention of marrying Sakuraba Junko, I think it’s love at first ash, i mean sight? Lol. You, also, would know what the major obstacle is early on the series which for me is a little different than most series I’ve watched. They were able to show how each problem was dealt with and how the characters overcame such hurdles in their relationship. I love how their relationship progressed. It did not feel rushed even though it’s just 10 episodes with 45 minutes each episodes (except for the last episode). I guess the Japanese has already mastered telling a great story in such a short span of time.

The aspect I love the most about this series is how they encorporated the english language and how cute the characters spoke the language. They were able to make cute exchanges with English that I find really enjoyable. I hope to watch more series like this.

I just somehow question Takane’s wealth. They were not able to explain how he got rich or why. At the early part of the series he even said he owns a private jet (plane). Are monks, or people who lives in Temples in general, really wealthy?

This series is really good, in my opinion. I would recommend it to everyone. Go ahead and watch it. You’ll definitely enjoy it.



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