Kimi Wa Toki No Kanata E

English Title: Beyond Your Time

Native title: 君は時のかなたへ

Also Known as: You on the other side of time, Kimi Wa Toki No Kanata E

Image from MyDramaList

In this TV Asahi Special, Takuya Kimura plays a role of a Samurai, Matsudaira Motoyasu, trapped in a different time due to a time slip. He was transported from May 1560 to the present (1995 * Year of Filming). Looking at it, this maybe his very first Samurai role.

Captain Takuya acting clueless, God, he looks very kawaii. And I really love him when he sports a Samurai look. The hair, his stance and his body language just oozes with masculinity. His sword handling skill was really great too.

I just find it odd that the opponent Samurai transported with Motoyasu didn’t seem to have any problem with adapting to his new environment, unlike Motoyasu.

I was just happy that I am able to see Captain Takuya in his old, classic, films. He was probably around his mid-20s during the filming of this TV Special.



If you want to watch the movie, please send me a message on twitter.




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