FullMetal Alchemist Live Action

Native Title: 鋼の錬金術師
Also Known As: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi , Alchemist of Steel , Full Metal Alchemist

Image from MyDramaList

You can download it from here.

This is rated 5.9/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.3/10 via MDL.


Before anything else, let’s make some thing clear. Is Edwards hair a wig? No? No! A big no. The hair is not a wig, it was an unruly hair extension that is uncombed most of the time. Understood? Good.

First thing to notice is, was, the scenery. The cinematography was just awesome. I love how the colors makes the whole movie so anime-ish.

Second was the CG. It gave justice to how I imagined it would be. It may not be the best but it did the job for me. It was not half baked.

For me the characters portrayal was also on point. I was able to watch the anime and I felt that they tried their very best to stick to the soul of the anime. Until now I am astrounded how they are able to make Al’s character come alive. And the Nina chimera, it was heart-breakingly good. Is there even such a word? I also liked The how villans are very close to how it was in the anime.

There were two things I did not like.

1) What’s with this pose? Or posing in general? I found it funny.

2) It felt like the lead of the movie was Colonel Mustang, during the last fight it was mostly Colonel and very little of Ed and/or Al.

I wish for a sequel though as it was good. Also it seemed like an open ending for me, open for follow ups. 😀😀



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