Enoshima Prism

Native title: 江ノ島プリズム

Also Known as: Enoshima Purizumu


Image from MyDramaList



I was convinced to watch this because of its theme, time travel, and because I read the spoilers. I wanted to see how bad Sota Fukushi’s acting was. LOL.


So yeah, Sota’s acting in this movie is quite bad. His facial expression looks almost the same for every mood. But the other actors compensated for what he is lacking. Good thing that after 5 years since this movie was produced, I believe, he has improved a lot.


The value friendship in this movie was so beyond expectations. I cried during the last 10 minutes of the movie.


Would I recommend the movie? Despite Sota’s bad acting, yes I would still recommend people to watch this. It definitely is not a waste of time.




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