Fly Boys, Fly!

Image via MyDramaList

It was rated 6.3/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.0/10 via MDL.

Download it from here, though you’d need a livejournal account.
First off, let me tell you how surprised I am to find a copy of this with english subtitle unexpectedly. I tried looking for it before but I unable to find it. A few days ago I was checking a website archive for JE talents and stumbled upon this movie.

I was happy to have found it, since I am trying my very best to watch all Takuya Kimura dramas and movies. Since this was produced and release in 1995, yep you heard it right, it was 23 years ago, I was expecting that I would not like it or get disappointed. This movie is a story of 6 young men who volunteered to be a part of the navy suicide team to attack America’s fleet during the world war.


I’m glad this movie went over and beyond my expectation. All the casts were great. I like their chemistry. Captain Takuya at his age, which is only 23 during the filming, already has an over flowing charisma and a very strong presence on screen. And biased aside, he did a great job with his acting in this film.


I have a few favorite scenes that does and doesn’t have Captain Takuya in it. One of them was when the son and wife of one if the six came to their barracks. T_T


Over-all this is a very good move and I’d recommend it to everyone. When you watch it though, please bear in mind that the movie was made 23 years ago.



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