Only You Can Hear Me

Native title: きみにしか聞こえない

Also Known as: Kimi ni shika kikoenai , Calling You

Image from MyDramaList

Rated 6.6/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.0/10 via MDL.

You can watch it in youtube, here.


Imagine having a “Mental Cellphone” ? Free unli calls. Lol. A mute can speak over this phone line. The only thing you’d have to use is your brain power.

Damn it! (Sorry for cursing) I knew this will not end happily but, man, with the circumstances a tragic ending could have been avoided. Why does it have to end like this? They could’ve been happy.

Why does great film have to end in a sad or tragic ending? That’s not even a pre-requisite. This could have ended on a happier note.

It was a good movie as a whole. Though I read spoilers, I know how it’s gonna end, I did not expect that there was a chance for the ending to change . Gosh. I’m so affected and irritated by the fact that there could have been a chance for a happy ending and people decided not to take such opportunity.

I wanted them to live a happy life together. Ryou and Shinya deserved to be happy together. Damn! I was so affected by this movie. I wanted to cry!






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