Jinsei wa Jojo da

Native title: 人生は上々だ

Also Known as: Life is Good , Friends in Need


Image from MyDramaList


You can get it from this Livejournal link, you’d need a LJ account first though and join the community.

Series doesn’t seem to be in IMDb’s database. It was rated 7.2/10 via MDL.


Wow! I’ve been looking for Takuya Kimura older films and/or dramas. I’m so glad I found this with ENG subs. Thank heavens.


This is the only spoiler I will give out for this series: TAKUYA KIMURA WILL END END UP WITH THE GIRL HE LIKES.


This film was back produced 1995.  And you’d somehow feel it’s “age” while watching it. This serial is produced even before Takuya got the Long Vacation lead role. It is a bit hard with all the “gang” related stuff but this seemed to be an interesting story as well. I never thought I would cry watching this drama as I really did not like it at first. You just have to be able to surpass the episodes 1-4 and then everything will get better. I got hooked to it after episode 5.


It’s a good drama about friendship and love. You’d appreciate how the characters got bonded and tried to save each other’s asses through out the series. You’ll see how they grow as a person and take responsibility.





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