Girl In the Mirror

Girl In the Mirror

wrote this a few years back…
Feb. 12, 2007
I hope you like this…
Here it goes….

Girl In the Mirror

I see a girl in the mirror crying;
The tears in her cheeks, continue falling;
Reminiscing what happened in her past;
Happy things she thought would last.

I wish I know how to stop her;
And tell her to get herself away from anger;
To tell her the past she should now forget;
Even the very day that they met.

If the mirror could just speak;
It’ll tell her not to be so weak;
It’ll tell her to just move on;
To realize she is worth something more.

The girl in the mirror looked back at me;
And i found out that it’s me i see;
Yes, the girl in the mirror is me;
Hoping someday to be full of glee.


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