Wakamono No Subete

Native title: 若者のすべて

Also Known as: All About Young People , Stay Gold


Image via MyDramaList

This is actually rated high via IMDb, it was rated 8.3/10 and it was rated 7.5/10 via MDL.

I actually had a hard time finding this one, I got lucky that I found one with ENGLISH subs though the first 4 has GREAT sub, the last 6 episodes made my head hurt as it was from an automatic translation from Chinese but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

If you want to watch it too, comment here or PM me at twitter.


This is a story about a group of friends who’s trying to live their lives how they want it. I actually did not like it much in the beginning. It’s not really that bad, it’s probably because of the age of the drama as well, aside from it not being my type [of genre]. Although when I reached episode 8, I started loving how the storiy is unfolding infront of me. It actually depicted life young adults back then quite well. All the struggles and hardships. And it was done pretty well, very realistic.


I decided to complety watch (even before ending up liking it) it as it is one of the earlier works of Takuya Kimura who played Takeshi. Also, I decided to have it included to the 2018 watch challenge I joined via MyDramaList.


But as always, Takuya did a great job here. On the first episode he had a monologue while in front of his friend in COMA (??) he was great there. You can see all the emotions and every movement of his facial muscles adds more to the scene. Just brilliant acting. All the cast were good as well. They all look so young, well basically I watched it 24 years after it first came out in 1994.

I actually found one aspect of this a bit amusing. There was this girl who kept following Takeshi saying that she loved him at first sight. LOL. She keeps doing crazy things for him to notice her and crazier things to keep him. She’s cute, right?


So there, if you’re a Takuya Kimura completion-ist like me, or if you’re interested to see a drama from the early 90s, 1994 to be exact, this should be good. Just try to remind yourself that it will get better after the first few episodes.




PS: Kudos to the girl who played Taeko

PPS: I also LOVE Shinohara Ryoko’s hair here. So straight and smooth-looking and silky. LOL

PPPS: Fuck! What was that ending?? I don’t know if I love it or hate it! I’m not even sure how it actually ended. Lol.


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