Native title: どろろ


Image via MyDramaList

This is also a part of the 2018 Watch Challenge but I really wanted to see a work of Shibasaki Ko, who plays Dororo, again so I decided to see this, again, without reading the summary at the beginning. LOL.

The first few scenes got me laughing my ass out. They were fighting a monster with a very very very long tongue. I swear it was super long. LOL. Eventually I found out that everytime Hyakki-maru kills he gets a body part back or he grows them to replace a non-functioning one (ex: his eyes), I guess he was born without them (??). Ko was great here even though most of the scenes were funny there were a few that’s a bit dramatic. The guy who playyed Hyakki-maru, Satoshi Tsumabuki, also was great specially during the part where he was still blind. This movie also showed of good fight scenes although most are with bakemonos (monsters).  As you might have noticed the setting of this movie is really in a fantasy world.

You cannot see any blood spurts here just enemies bursting into nothingness.

This movie is short, it’s just 1 hour and 10 minutes but they were able to tell the story just fine. Though I would have wanted it to be longer so they would have the chance able to elaborate on some aspects of the story.

I recommend this if you want to watch something different.



PS: why is Dororo the title of the movie, the story doesn’t really revolve around her.


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