Love and Lies (2017)

Native Title: 恋と嘘

Also Known As: Koi to Uso

Image from MyDramaList

You can get the RAW and SUBTITLE from here. Please support the subber by downloading it directly from that link.

It was rated 6.9/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.2/10 via MDL.


Let me start by saying this: I would have preferred if she ended up with the guy chosen by the government for him.


I watched this, again as a part of the 2018 watch challenge, and because I was enticed by the plot. Imagine a government choosing the person who you are supposed to be completely compatible with because of genetics, isn’t that cool?

Well of course you can always choose to follow your heart but what are the odds that you’d actually fall in love with the person chosen for you?

I loved how the story unfolded though I kind of cheated by jumping to the end of the story so I can see how it’s going to end. LOL. Some people do not like the ending while me on the other hand actually liked it. It was a peaceful and fulfilling ending for me. They left no opening for questions. I especially loved the possibility of the two leads still ending together. The government might be correct after all?


Oh, just a quick note, Kanta Sato looks kinda like Yamazaki Kento and he seemed promising. So I’ll be watching out for him to be recognized more.


I do recommend to watch this.



PS: She might actually end up with him 🙂



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