Keizo (Main)

So last Friday, 07/13/2018 I had my sister wait for an hour because of traffic. LOL. She was treating me to Japanese. She was really furious, but it’s not really my fault. ごめなさい。

So we went to Keizo. It has two branches in BGC. One is just “Keizo” the other is “Keizo Gastro Pub”. We went to just Keizo as we always see a Japanese chef near the resto and we think he’s the owner as well. Him being there all the time meant that he is very hands-on.

It’s a very small resto right in front of UCC (Burgos Circle).

It feels very cozy when you enter, just a few tables are available. And as usual they will greet you いらっしゃいませ Irasshaimase (Welcome!) upon entering. When we got there 2 tables were occupied. One were a group of Pinoys and the other were group of Korean males.

As soon as we sat down we were given their menu. I was asked by my sister to order. Since I’m not gonna pay I decided to order something inexpensive. I went with California Maki and Shouyu Ramen. But my sister wanted more so she also order Salmon Onigiri. 

After ordering, were served these with warm hand towel which I so love, not all Japanese restos provide them.

The top is their chopstick with cover, bottom left to right: the warm hand towel, clam (not sure what it is called) and the tamago with salmon

The clam is regularly provided with the warm towel and the tamago was given my the Japanese chef for us to taste. He said it’s on the house. LOL.


The Shouyu Ramen and California Maki will never do you wrong. But man, the soup base of the Ramen was just heavenly. I thought I will never taste something better than those I’ve had before but this one tops even the one from Ippudo.  It deserves a recognition.

She didn’t know I took that picture.

Side note: I was also about to take pictures of the resto’s awards but I was a little shy. LOL. They have received multiple awards as best restaurant.

So onto the Onigiri. This is the first time we had Onigiri so we had nothing to compare too. Their Onigiri was not our favorite. for us it was a bit bland. It’s like a fried rice rolled into a triangular ball (lol again) that lacks salt.


Yep, that’s my sister. She works in a restaurant (James and Daughter’s in BGC as well) she’s also a freelance model (only when she feels like it.)

After these, we decided to try their ice cream.


We ordered the Buttercream flavor and it was worth it.




Break down of our bill:

California Maki: PHP200

Shouyu Ramen: PHP305

Onigiri: PHP1102

Ice cream (4oz):  PHP180

Total: PHP925 + service charge




Was it worth it?

Definitely. It’s worth every penny.




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