Onna Nobunaga (2013)

Native Title: 女信長


Image via MyDramaList


Got the episodes from viu.

Side Note: I will update this entry if I find another download source for this special drama.


A story wherein Oda Nobunaga was a girl instead of a boy. She was raised as a boy though as she is the heir of the Oda Clan. She went through lots of hardships as a kid and eventually accepted her faith.

She had a crazy mother who’s only after the fame and glory of the clan and a father who adores her even if she’s a she though he doesn’t show.

This drama, I consider this a special drama as it is 2 episode that’s 2 hours long each just like Miyamoto Musashi, depicted the hardship of a woman in a man’s world. During that era women are seen inferior to men. This special showed that women can be better than men in all aspects.

She had great dreams for the country but eventually she wanders off the path she originally wanted at some point in the story.

This is an interesting special, indeed.


Let me give my two thumbs up to the actress who played Oda/Onna Nobunaga. If I am not mistaken she’s a part of a theater troupe who does plays where female plays male characters. If I remember it right they have even challenged SMAP to learn their craft in one of the SMAPxSMAP episodes. It’s not easy to pull off such character, but she was wonderful. If not for her feminine features she could really pass off as a man.


I do recommend that you watch this. It’s a good spin-off from the original Oda Nobunaga story.




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