Doctor X5

Native Title: ドクターX〜外科医・大門未知子〜 第5期

Image from MyDramaList

This is rated 7.6/10 via IMDb and is rated 8.8/10 via MDL.

Side note: IMDb rating is for the whole series and is not separated per season.

You can get a copy of this season from (torrent), either 720 or 1080p with English subs.


I’ve been a fan of Doctor X since the first season and this last season was the best EVER. Even though the theme is still the same, the way each episodes were told was still exactly the same as it was during the first season, it was still as effective as it was before. The last episode is probably the best they had so far. It has full of emotions and the twist and turn of events is something you’d have to look for.

The cast were all good. I just wished that Nomura Shuhei’s and Mao Daichi’s characters stayed longer. I liked their characters. Over all I’m glad that the old casts were still there and I’m also happy with the new additions. The old characters from the previous seasons have grown up so well, I love them all.


If there’s only one thing I can complain with it’s the very first scene on the first episode. It looked very fake, lol.


If ever you’d like to watch Doctor X, it will be better if you watch it from season 01 as there are character relationships that might be a little hard to understand if you do not watch the first season. But I definitely recommend you guys watch Doctor X, it’s not going to disappoint.

Now if you’re looking for romance, look the other way now as there is very little to no romance at all.


FYI though, you don’t need romance in a Dorama to enjoy it. 



PS: Daimon Michiko’s fashion sense is still impeccable.


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