My Brother Loves Me Too Much (2017)

Native Title: 兄に愛されすぎて困ってます

Also Known As: Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu , I Have Difficulty to Be Loved Too Much by Older Brother , I Am in Trouble Because My Older Brother Loves Me Too Much

Image via MyDramaList

You can get it right here, the raw and subs will be there.

Rated 5.5/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.5/10 via MDL.




I didn’t know there was a series (prequel) so I just jumped and watched the movie. And good thing I did not watch the prequel as I’m not really into watching incest because on the series the fact that they are not related by blood has not been discussed.

I like Tao but her character in this movie is not very like-able. LOL. She seemed too eager to find her ‘prince charming”. And her brother loves too much, indeed. Acting wise, every body did OK, nobody exceptional though.  The comedic timing of the movie is a plus point definitely, but the rest is just so-so. The story is something you’ve seen before it’s just sad that it was not told differently than it has always been told. (I hope you get what I mean.)

This movie is ikemen overload though. There are lots of good lucking guy that has been chosen for this show. I cannot say though that everyone can act well.


Do I recommend this movie? The movie was just OK, so I would probably recommend this if you want something with ikemen overload or if you’re a Tao completionist.




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