Oriento Kyuko Satsujin Jiken (2015)

Native Title: オリエント急行殺人事件

lso Known As: Murder on the Orient Express

Image from MyDramaList
Image from MyDramaList

You can download the raw and English subs from here.

This 2 part movie is rated 6.9/10 via IMDb and 7.6/10 via MDL.


I’m not really a fan of Agatha Christie novels so I do not have any idea how this one will be like.

While I felt like 2 movies with a total of over 4 hours is quite long, it did not bore me. I loved that even though they explained everything in details they still left something for the viewers imagination, especially on the first part of the movie.

A few did not like that the second part was quite long, though I was fine with it. It made sense to me, the need to see everything from the perpetrators’ side. I liked how all the characters fit together like a puzzle.

Of course, even though the movie may not be perfect, it worked well in piquing my interest.

I just find the lead odd. Maybe that’s how he’s really supposed to be, but he’s a funny dude to me. If I met him I, honestly, won’t take him seriously. LOL.

Over all the movie(s) were great and I would RECOMMEND you guys to watch it. The 4 hours ++ of your life will not go to waste.





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