March Comes in Like a Lion and a Lamb

Native Title: 3月のライオン

Also Known As: San gatsu no Lion , 3-gatsu no Lion , San gatsu no Lion Zenpen , March’s Lion First (Second) Part

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Side Note: There are 2 parts for this movie. The first part is called March Comes in Like a Lion and the Other is March Comes in Like a Lamb, but most refer to it as Part 1 and Part 2 of  March Comes in Like a Lion.

Part 1 was rated 6.9/10 via IMDb and Part 2 is rated 7.1/10 on IMDb as well.

On MDL, Part 1 is Rated 7.9/10 and Part 2 is rated 8.1/10.


You can get the RAW and subtitles from here.


At first I really did not understand what this movie is trying to point aside from playing Shogi and Rei having nothing else to live for but Shogi. The acting was great but it was very slow paced. Once you get to the part two though, you’d understand the story more.

The character growth in these movies were also great, even though it was slow at first. They showed how Rei overcame all the trials in his life. These movie for me depicts the struggle of teenagers who got bullied or are unwanted by their family, especially if you’re adopted.

Every character has their own demons that they dealt with and eventually defeated.

Even though I liked the movies as a whole, I still do not understand a bit about Shogi. Is it really that intense that one’s illness will show up during matches? Or is it that intense to sweat that much? LOL.


Do I recommend the movie? DEFINITELY. It is worth it, 4 hours of your life will not go to waste.



PS: Kamiki Ryunosuke is a very good actor, IMHO.


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