Flashback (2014)

Native Title: フラッシュバック

Image via MyDramaList

You can get the RAW here of either 480p or 720p and the ENG sub from here.

This was rated 1.8/10 via IMDb (which I am questioning, I’m writing this part before even watching the file) and it was rated 7.3/10 via MDL.

Side note: See why I question the rating on IMDb with this one, it has a very huge gap with the MDL rating.


The movie itself was weird in a good way. It tackles a few unnatural “phenomenon” and “abilities”. It merges the realm of reality and the supernatural. The series talked about HItler, the Nazis, Pyramids, mummies, the Old Testaments, the 911 bombing and the like. It was a very interesting watch.

The main character Ryoma, sees 3 images once he touches a dead body and he needs to find those 3 items and touch them before his brain explodes from excitement in 72 hours. The touching part is something I really question because as we all know with forensic science, you should not touch evidences with your bare hands as you will contaminate it.

The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the female “scientist” always end up confronting the perpetrator without her knowing that fact. Some scientist she turned out to be huh?


Do I recommend this series? Yes, definitely. It was something fresh and unique. It may not be for everybody but it was worth it. There are also a few cringe worthy scenes but that can be overlooked.



I decided to watch this by chance. An online Jdrama friend of mine who runs Old Anime Lady’s Blog, suggested to use a random number generator. So I did and it chose #77, and now this is what I have. I probably will continue using this method to select which drama or movie I would watch next from my MDL PTW List as I need to spread my wings and deviate from my usual “leads”.


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