Native Title:モンスターズ

Also Known As: MONSTERZ, Monsutazu

Image via MyDramaList


This was rated 5.7/10 via IMDb and is rated 6.8/10 via MDL.

You can download a copy of the movie from here.

Sidenote: unfortunately I cannot find a raw w/engsub version


I did not watch this, and same goes with the prev one I posted, I decided to watch this with the help of a Random Number Generator.

I’ve been seeing Fujiwara Tatsuya recently with lots of old roles (ei: Burutasu no Shinzou (2011) and Confession of Murder JPN (2017)), he is a good actor I just wonder how he chooses his roles or if he’s the one who chooses which role to portray.

Let me say upfront, I did not watch the Korean version, so I had no means to compare it.

It was not a boring movie for me contrary to what other people say on the MDL page comments section. I was actually pulled into watching it after just a few minutes. It was very engaging. So I’m really sure as to which part other people find boring in this film. The cast were really good, I must also say.

If there’s something that threw me off it’s the fact that they did not discuss further as two how the two leads came to be how they are. Where they really borne like how they are or did something happen that made them “mutate”. It could have been a lot better if that aspect was explained, even a bit.


Over all the movie was quite entertaining. I would definitely recommend watching this, especially if you’re into the “weird” stuff.




PS: Satomi’s face is really beautiful. 



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