Kikori – Japanese Restaurant

Kikori is a japanese restaurant located in the Serendra vicinity.

The place is small but the atmosphere was quite nice. Cozy. It’s also bright. The only thing I did not like was the fact that they are not playing Japanese songs. LOL.

We ordered Philly Roll, Creamy Maguro Maki, kani Salad and Prime Steak Don. Total damage is Php1503, Php1300++ was the meal (Prime steak is half of it, it was Php690) and the rest is service charge. Prices seemed reasonable enough.

Let me talk about the Prime Steak first as it was the most expensive of the bunch we ordered. It was good though. Very good. I liked that taste. It was the last thing I ate, so even after we got of the resto I can still taste it in my mouth. I was super full.

The rest of the food were also good. Though me and my sister prefers the mayo from Umeya, and the cream cheese from Jipan.

That’s my younger sister, it was her treat. LOL.

A + point for me was their plates. They all look so cool and beautiful

Another + point was the door. It was so Japanese-y.


If there was one thing I’d complain about, aside from the music, was the lack of the warm towel that seemed to be customary in Japanese restaurants.


This restaurant is worth a visit. So please visit them. They are available until 11pm. 



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