TRICK: Psychic Battle Royale Movie

Native Title: 劇場版TRICK 霊能力者バトル

Also Known As: Gekijoban Trick: Reinosha Battle Royale

Image from MyDramaList

Sidenote: I got this from the random number generator, and since it was a movie I asked on Twitter first if I have to watch the series before seeing this. I was informed that it’s ok to watch the movie and I won’t get lost. So Here I am, watching this movie.

This is rated 6.1/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.8/10 via MDL.

I got my copy from here, but if I get a clear copy of RAW and ENG SUB, I’ll update this post.

The story was OK. Going through the movie I realized that even though you’d get by without seeing the drama prior to this, it would be best if you do watch it first. There are certain aspects that you would want to know first like how the leads got to know each other. There was also a mention of a “sect” that they encountered on the drama series.

Though I was expecting more, over all it was an entertaining watch, Yukie Nakama is really good whether it’s comedy or serious acting. I never thought I’d see Hiroshi Abe in such a role though, I always picture him tough and serious. HAHA!!


Do I recommend to watch this? If you have seen the parent story TRICK, then yes, I’d recommend this. Or if you are exploring, please watch this. The movie was a bit old since it was from 2010, and you’d feel it while watching, so it may not be for everybody’s taste.




PS: why does Yukie walk like that in the ending scene? She looks odd.


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