Bad Boys J The Movie (2013)

Native Title: 劇場版 BAD BOYS J
Also Known As: Gekijo-ban BAD BOYS J

Image from MyDramaList

Got my copy from Youtube, the quality is quite good and it’s already English subbed. Unfortunately I cannot seem to see a RAW and ENG Sub copy separately. So I hope who ever posted this on YT, did the sub for it as well. the video quality was superb but the subs were, eeehh, meh.

Sidenote: If I find a RAW and ENG SUB, I’ll update this post.


This is rated /10 via IMDb and is rated 7.7/10 via MDL. (It seems there are a few who likes gang wars on MDL. LOL.)


The theme of the movie? Kids with super strength fighting for popularity and fan girls. LOL. JK.

Ok, nothing much to see here, move along now. Hahaha!!

I’m really not sure how to put it, but this movie is not something I’d NEVER watch again. Gang wars is not my thang. Aside from seeing nice looking guys, I don’t know if there’s anything else good I can say about this movie. Their friendship and bond maybe? The actors were not bad though, this movie is probably for fan service for JE fans. There’s somebody from Sexy Zone, A.B.C-Z, Kis-My-Ft2, Snow Man and more. 🙂


This movie is not for everybody’s taste. 

So if you’re into gang wars and such then go ahead watch it. If you also wants to see guys crying, this is what you should watch. LOL.  IMHO, you really won’t miss anything if you do not watch this movie.


One thing to note though, one of the leads (Kento Nakajima of Sexy Zone) looks a little like Matsumoto Jun when he was younger.

<image here>





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