Final Cut

Native Title: Final Cut

Image from MyDramaList

You can download the RAW and SUBs from here.

This is rated 7.6/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.7/10 via MDL.



I would like to apologize ahead to Kamenashi Kazuya for this blog post. I like you but Final Cut is just, I don’t know, flat.

I was really expecting a lot from this series. At the beginning of the series they were showing Kame doing parkour here and there so I was expecting to see him do it in the series but all I get was him jumping over a car to save somebody. Well, I’m happy he got to save somebody but I expecting more action scenes because of their opening. Who wouldn’t expect some stunts or action if you saw such a scene,right? Also why is it that they used a different actor for the younger Keisuke? They could have just used Kame, can’t they? It’s just weird.

All the actors were really great, this may be another series where in there are lots of great actors but all their acting prowess were wasted because of the bad story line.

And as they say, if you have nothing good to say, then just shut your mouth and that’s what I’ll be doing. Lol.

One thing I liked about the series was the use of technology. It was a really interesting concept. I somehow wish they focused more on that aspect. On one of the episodes with the Engineer (who was saved by Keisuke, Kame’s character) I really thought they’d be like working with him or something, but I was dead wrong. They seemed to have focused in the dark side of media, as well as politics in the police force.


So do I recommend this? It’s not really bad, so yeah I do recommend other people to watch it and share their thoughts about the series.





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