Bleach LA

Native Title: BLEACH

Also Known As: ブリーチ

Image via MyDramaList

I was able to see this via Netflix, again, let’s support those available via legal streaming sites so we can get more Japanese titles.


But if you really want to watch download it, you can do so via this site.

This is currently rated 7.2/10 via IMDb and 8.6/10 via MDL.


I was able to see Bleach anime version but only for a short period of time. I just am aware of how Ichigo, Rukia, Byakuya and Reiji looks like, as well as other cast like Orihime and Chad. Not fully aware of arcs and other juicy details, unfortunately.

I must say, the movie felt like it gave life to the anime characters, they tried their best to stick to the soul of the anime or manga. Also, casting Miyavi as Byakuya is just awesome. The cast were all good. The fight scenes were flawless, for me. I really liked it though I would have wanted more between Byakuya and Ichigo. The CGIs were also good though there are some scenes where you can clearly see that it is unreal. Over all, it was a good watch.

I only have two issues in this LA.

  1. Hana, Rukia, I prefer that she kept Rukia’s hairstyle. I think it’s a part of Rukia’s character. It’s really not a big deal, but it would have been better.
  2. The wounds. You would see blood splashing but the wound itself doesn’t bleed as much. I don’t recall zanpaktu’s having such “effect” to wounds. But I can be wrong, of course.


Also, regarding Sota Fukushi’s acting I think that’s a big question everybody want answered, was he any better in Bleach? Honestly, you won’t see it in his face. You can definitely hear it in his voice, see in his action and in his eyes –the part he is playing, but it somehow doesn’t reflect on his face. I think I already found out why. I think it was the facial structure of Sota that makes his face’s expression look the same all the time. His cheek bones are so prominent it makes his face look so hard/tough.

So going back to Bleach, do I recommend people to watch it? MOST DEFINITELY!! It doesn’t disappoint.





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