SNS / Update in General


Hello, everybody.


So this post is really not that important. This is a personal eme I have. LOL.

I decided to list down all the social media stuff I manage aside from this blog.

You can find me in all of this by using my universal username “reikableu

  • Facebook – Personal
  • Twitter – Personal
  • Instagram – Personal
  • Livejournal – Mostly for Takuya Kimura and SMAP
  • Discord – I mostly use for Japanese related stuff and chat


I also have accounts created for Weibo, PandoraTV, Gyao, XimalayaFM and BiliBili and all these are being used for Takuya Kimura and SMAP related stuff.

I also have a MEGA, MF, Yandex and 4Shared accounts all dedicated for Japanese dramas and movies. The MEGA though focuses more on Takuya Kimura and SMAP. The 4shared is where I uploaded all the ENG SUBS I was able to salvage from D-Addicts (they’ll be taking down the subs sub-forum on 09/23).


Update on the subs:

@Sars-Fansub on twitter is spearheading a project of creating a new “site” or having a new avenue where subbers can upload their works collectively. Check their website at for the subs they’ve done so far.





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