RE: Mind

Native Title: Re:Mind

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I currently stopped doing the random number generator scheme, temporarily, as I decided to watch what’s available on Netflix first. I want to support the community and watching it from legal streaming sites with be the best support I can give.

Here’s the link for download, this is via Bagikuy.

This is rated 4.9/10 via IMDb and is rated 6.7/10 via MDL.

Since I had trust issues with watching anything that has IDOL groups as lead, though I have seen LOTS of good ones, I did not have any kinds of expectations before seeing this drama.

Man, did I make the wrong decision of watching this. It was crappy. The acting was so bad. Out of all the actors, I probably only liked 2 or 3 of the actors/actresses involved. When they scream, it all just comes out as noise. It’s not like they are really scared or something. They deliver their lines with great inconsistency too.

The story line was not bad, it was actually interesting, but it felt lacking. The delivery and story telling was not convincing enough. There are a few things that it was not able to explain which makes it more confusing. If they preferred to have the viewers use their imagination, they did not provide enough information to go with.

One thing notable on the series was the main girl named Mirei. She actually looked like Ayase Haruka and she did a good job as well with her role.

Do I recommend you guys to watch this? If you like Keyakizaka46, or you’ve got nothing better to watch, then by all means. But if you can skip it, do so, you won’t miss anything important.




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