Kimi Ga Iru – Subtitling Journey

So I’m learning Nihongo as I really want to help the Japanese dorama and movie community by being a subber. I’m very far from that goal, as I really am having a hard time self-studying, so for now I decided to learn the subbing process first while learning the language.

I am currently using Linux Mint 19 as my OS (I’m using a 7 year old laptop btw). For the subbing I’ve decided to use Aegisub and for video rendering I’m currently using Handbrake. I would have preferred to use FFMPEG but I’m not yet very familiar with the command line, and since Handbrake said that they use FFMPEG in the backend, I decided on using handbrake.

Aegisub is a free software, a freeware, you can use for timing, encoding and typesetting but there are other software that can be used though it seemed that most subbers use this. I’m a little acquainted with the software by now but I know I still have a lot more to learn. I still watch and read instructions on how to use this software efficiently.

As for the linux freeware Handbrake, I still am a bit lost with it. I figured the encoding part to be the easiest, as it has presets available for you to choose from. The attaching of subtitle part is where I am troubled. See I can burn the subtitle and that easy to do but the softsub attachment is where I’m at a lost. I can attach it but it instead of just having the disable and track 1 options, I get disable, track 1 and track 2 –track 2 being the actual subtitle. I will figure that one soon-ish.

Well, I thought I already figured handbrake already but I was dead wrong so instead O used the command line FFMPEG and somehow I found it easier. I just have to do a few trial and error to get the result I wanted. In a span on 3 hours as I was able to learn how to embed a softsub and burn a hardsub using the commands line. If you’re curious, it will look like this. No GUI at all.

So for the the first EVER sub I decided to do as a part of subbing journey is Takuya Kimura‘s KIMI GA IRU Live Version during their SMAP Pop-Up Concert.

With the translation part, I call it interpretation because admittedly I still suck at Nihongo and I had to use Takoboto (my dictionary) and other translator help I can get to get that job done. I’m somehow OK with it but I’m not sure how close it is to the “actual” translation.
So here is the first ever Interpretation, encoding and type setting job I have ever done. You can download the .ass file here.

And here’s the hardcoded sub, I uploaded it on YT, I’m scared it will get deleted. I hope not though. LoL.


Please, if any subber can see this, leave a comment for corrections, criticisms and/or suggestion so I can learn and be better. 



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