Good Doctor (JPN)

Native Title: グッド ドクター

Also Known As: Guddo Dokuta

Image via MyDramaList

This is rated /10 via IMDB and is rated /10 via MDL.

You can watch this legally via VIU, but if you really want to download it you can get it from here.


Sidenote: I’ve never seen the Korean version, and I’ve seen an episode or two from the American version so I do not have any right to compare or say which one is better.

I knew that Kento Yamazaki just needed a good role so he can show how good he is as an actor. If Todome No Kiss is not enough proof for people who thinks of him negatively, I’m sure Good Doctor will convince them, you, that he is not just a pretty face. He is a good actor.

Let me say right away that I love the fact that they stayed away from putting in romance. We are all happy with Dr. Minato’s love story with the onigiri. 🙂 (Anybody who agrees, kindly raise your hand. lol)

The story was told in a manner that you will get hook from the beginning. Every episode they encounter new patients and Minato-sensei learns and grows every episode. It’s also good to note that every episode is a tearjerker. It’s very relate-able and realistic.

All the cast did a great job, acting wise. The characters mashes together like a glue. Good chemistry, definitely good.

I hope they make a second season or a special, or a movie. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Do I recommend you to watch this? DEFINITELY. No reason or explanation needed. JUST.WATCH.IT.




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