Mob Psycho 100 (2018)

Native Title: モブサイコ100

Also Known As: Mobu Saiko Hyaku

Image from MyDramaList


This is another one from Netflix. You can download it from here if you really want a copy of it.

This series is rated 8.1/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.5/10 via MDL.


I’m gonna try my best to not spoil anything. So here goes…

The series Mob Psycho 100 has an interesting plot line too, same as Kakegurui. Super powers or psychic powers, in this case, never fails to pique my interest. I do not have high expectations prior to watching because I learned that when I expect anything I usually get disappointed. #hugotpamore

The story started off a bit slow, but you can see the characters were slowly getting introduced as well. I liked the CGI, though of course it was not the best, but it fits or does the job fine a it is. It has it’s funny moments, I giggled when i saw the scalp 0%. LOL. (Well, you have to watch it to know what I mean.) The fight scenes, man, they are awesome! I never though there will be some but by the last few episodes, the fight scenes were good!

I’d also like to know how “witty” for the production to name the schools Salt and Vinegar. LOL. They’re actually good together. There’s also Miso Soup, Chili Bean and Soy Souch Middle School. LOL.


Please go ahead and watch it, it’s not a waste of time. 🙂



PS: I think the hair change was cute. LOL.Shigeo looked a lot better. 🙂


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