Gift (Update)

Native Title: ギフト

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You can download the raws from here and get the subs from D-Addicts here. For the subs, you have to be a registered user.

Now, this is rated by IMDB with 8.7/10, it was rated 7.4/10 2 years ago. It’s also rated 7.3/10 via MDL.


I originally have written, sort of, something about Gift when I first saw it. I did not really say much about it then.

So now, I decided to re-watch it, 2 years after I first saw it. By now, I have fallen deeper into the lovely mess that is Takuya Kimura. But enough about my “love” for Takuya, let me say something about the series itself.

When I first saw this series I have thought that it has a very weird plot, until now I still think the same. The plot of Gift is indeed weird but definitely in a good way. Everybody who meets the amnesiac Yukio thinks that having an amnesia is a “blessing” while Yukio has been trying to regain his’ to complete himself contrary to everybody wanting to forget their pasts. Every “delivery” he makes completes Yukio’s character grow and helps him “remember“.

All the characters where all well played and they all have great chemistry together. I personally think that the characters of Takuya Kimura (Yukio) and Muroi Shigeru (Naomi) jives together very well. Takuya Kimura never failed to deliver. He plays two characters here, in a way, and each time he switches from one character to another I get amazed at how fluid the transition is. He switches characters very swiftly and you can definitely identify which character is which without him even speaking or moving. He has a very good control of his eyes and facial muscles which allows him to do “the switch”. Now, anybody who disagree can bite my a*s.

This series being produce back in 1997 really gives you that old film feel but it should not stop you from enjoying the series as a whole.

Here are a few GIFs I made from the series.


Update, I noted from my previous Gift article about this series being banned in Japan for any type of rebroadcast, Lo and behold, 21 years later the ban has been lifted, They just released a DVD copy of Gift. 🙂



So with a better copy of the film, please do watch it.



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