Restaurant Name: Matsuya

Zomato Rating: 4.1/5

Location: BGC near JP Morgan NetPlaza

I’ve been to this resto before and we had their Sapporo Shoyu Ramen. It was delish. This time I went there because I was craving for Okonomiyaki. And gosh, I was so satisfied with it.

The okonomiyaki I purchased is the Spcial, so it has Tako (octopus), Ebi (Shrimp), and Pork. It was Php 280.00 and the regular is for Php 220.00. I ordered it to-go.

It was definitely worth every penny. I ate it at work and shared it with 2 of my colleagues and they loved it too.

It was sliced like a pizza for easy sharing and it makes it easier to eat. I’m sure it’s gonna be messy if it ain’t cut that way.

Over-all it was a good meal.

I’ve attached a copy of their brochure as well. They seem to be accepting orders for deliveries now.

I also added a few image of their designs at the store. The restaurant itself is small and cozy. Just good for small number of people.


So I went back the next day. This time I went with my sister again. This time he had Sapporo Miso Ramen for Php190.00 and Tuna Onigiri for Php 70.00. We only ordered 1 of each as the ramen is quite huge for us and it was indeed good for sharing.

So here’s the photo of them meal.


I was just a little disappointed with the Onigiri, as if you look at the packaging it has Korean writings on it. So I can just assume that it was not made by or in Japan.

Aside from that all the meals we’ve had in Matsuya are all delicious and definitely worth the price.










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