My FIRST Hand sewn Yukata

So since United Nations is just around the bend, I have been looking for a Japanese attire for my son. I wanted the “real” one and not those karate-do style clothes they pass up as Japanese national costume. I’ve always believed that Kimono is the actual and true to life Japanese national costume.

So I went and looked online, I did found what I was looking for but they are sold already, I was too late. So then, I went to Market Market’s Fashion strip and found a costume shop that sells the karate-do attire as Japanese costume. They also sell an actual looking Kimono-Hakama ensemble. The only thing is the Hakama is actually a skirt. It looks like a skirt and flows like a skirt, so therefore it MUST be a skirt. LOL. But yeah it looks real, but it really isn’t. Unfortunately they do not allow picture taking so I cannot show you guys. Plus it cost quite a lot, it’s 1150 Pesos for the set and it’s not even right. It even has a vest, I don’t know why. You cannot buy it separately too.

So while deciding if I’ll just get Elijah a different one, I checked YouTube for how-tos on Kimono making. I thought, it doesn’t look so hard, minus the fact that I have zero knowledge in sewing. Had I just listen to my Home Economics teacher back in High School this wouldn’t be a problem, right? But yeah I decided to take that route.

So I went to a fabric store in the same mall, and they have a huge varieties of fabrics. I also saw a whole rack of Japanese cotton and I thought, it’s just what I needed.

All fabrics in that rack are just Php150.00 per yard.

So I bought the fabric I think my son would like that may somehow, in someway, still be related to Japan. I saw a fabric with cars, a train and a robot and then it’s the color my son liked. So I bought 2 yards of it (150 Pesos per yard). I showed it to my mom and she said “What’s that? Are you making a Hawaii costume?” Ano ba yan, gagawa ka ba ng Hawaii costume? She asked mainly because the fabrics has Coconut Trees and Surf boards. LOL.

It may be a little Hawaii-ish, but what the heck, I liked it. LOL.

I also bought a meter stick (20 Pesos), a new pair of scissors for Fabric (229 Pesos) and 2 different colored thread (20 Pesos each). I won’t be putting any pictures of these, I know you know how they look. 🙂


So total spending:

Fabric: 150 x 2         = 300.00

Scissors: 229 x 1      = 229.00

Thread: 20 x 2         = 40.00

Meter Stick: 20 x 1 = 20.00

Total of: 589.00




Since I really do not have any idea how to create a Yukata (which is a casual/informal type of Kimono) I asked on the FB group I am a part of: Kimono PH (if you’re interested with Kimonos, please join the group) Joshua help me out a lot. He did this cute graphical representation using sticky note.

Sadly, I was so excited I did not get to take pictures of me doing it step by step. However, here are the photos Joshua sent and I followed them to the T.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After, I would say, 3-4 hours, this is what I came up with. It’s not perfect and some stitches are still not done but I kind of liked the end result. Also I intentionally did not make it longer than just a few inches below the knee so it will not be so hard for my super active son to move around.


 I am now learning how to do a hem stitch and peirce stitch so I can finish the kimono before Friday.



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