Bow Then Kiss

Native Title: 一礼して、キス
Also Known As: Make A Bow And Kiss , My Poisoned Arrow , Ichirei Shite, Kisu , Ichirei Shite, Kiss

Image via MyDramaList

You can get the hardsubbed copy of this from the subber directly, here’s the link.

This is rated 6.5/10 via IMDb and is rated 7.1/10 via MDL.

This movie is something I like and hate at the same time.

I like the fact that all the actors were good and that the chemistry of the leads were off the charts. Gosh, the sexual tension they have between them is so thick you can feel it from the screen. LOL. The way they use archery is also good. I’ve seen archery used in JDoramas a few times but here they were able to make it sensual, if I may say so.


The male lead definitely has way with words and he says the sexiest things in the most odd situations, Hahaha!! I’ve never seen the manga so I don’t know how accurate the portrayal is.


The musical scoring of the movie is also great. I’m not familiar with the songs or music they used but each one of them made me feel more comfortable with the scene they are used in.

If there’s one thing I did not like about this movie is the lead male himself. To be more specific I did not like his hands, yep his hands. It may seem trivial but the moment I saw his hands I lost all interest in him. LOL.


See those nails? They do not look manly at all. Darn it. This overrides all the steaming kisses they shared in this movie. Yeah, his nails are the main thing I HATED in this movie. Am I odd? But yeah, I really did not like it.


So do I recommend watching this film even if I did not like his nails? (Yep, still not over it.) Kidding aside, this is a good movie. I felt that it was a bit rushed at the end, but it was still a good watch. So please go ahead and watch it. Please support, the half Japanese Half Filipina, Elaiza Ikeda. 🙂




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