Restaurant Name: Tateyama

Location: Fort Strip, BGC

Zomato Rating: 3.5/5


So we were looking around BGC for a Japanese Restaurant me and my sister have never eaten before. And this is the restaurant we found, this is around the BGC Fort Strip, near TechnoHub and Muji.

Their chef is a Nihon-jin and I guess the owner/manager is a NIhon-jin too.

The place was nice and they play Japanese songs which is good. During our stay they played Chala Head Chala (I’m not sure if that’s the title but it was the Dragon Ball song) then One OK Rock’s The Beginning ( ❤ ) and then a song by Kiroro which I asked the staff about. She checked their playlist and found out that the title is Mirae.

We ordered a few this time. A Yakitori set (Bacon-wrap) fo Php300, Shoyu Ramen for Php340, Onigiri for Php120 (2 pcs per serving) , Kani Salad Maki for Php150 (8pcs per serving), and Matcha Cheese Cake for desert for Php185. We spent a total of Php 1192.00 including service charge.

I think the price is just right and the food is definitely all worth the price.

Out of the 3 restaurants we’ve tried Onigiri, their Onigiri is the best by far.


Please do try and eat in #Tateyama you will not regret it.!!

3 Thumbs up!!




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