Kahogo no Kahoko – Love & Dream

Native Title: 過保護のカホコ~2018 ラブ&ドリーム~
Also Known As: Kahogo no Kahoko ~2018 Love & Dream~

Image from MyDramaList

Download the raw file from here and the subs can be found on D-Addicts.

This Special has been rated via 8.2/10 IMDb (The special is just added in IMDb as another episode of the main season) and 8.9/10 via MDL.




Be ready to get tired listening to Kahoko speak LOTS and fast. She’s so cute. LOL. Both Hajime and Kahoko has very lengthy dialog. I give 5 thumbs up to the subber MotteFreaky  for her patience. 🙂

The continuation of their married life, from the main series, is still very cute and heart warming. This special still showed how her extended families life which is something I’ve learned to love. I also loved the “dream” she had, I never though that BaaBaa will be back in this episode.

The lesson of this special is “being honest with your feelings and learn how to communicate properly”. “Let the people you love know you love them.”

Have I mentioned how I find Hajime and Kahoko’s height difference very cute?


I do recommend that you guys watch this. As how the series was, this will still tug your heart.




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